I will begin the article with the fact that the economic situation in Russia at the end of 2016 is very difficult, the dollar has greatly increased prices.

To keep their business afloat, the owners of online stores are actively deceiving customers.They tell customers that all LED car lights are well suited for car headlights, although this is far from the case. Also indicate the

Chinese technical characteristics of power and luminous flux. In the article I use the abbreviation "STG" - the cut-off line. Car optics on as simple as it seems illiterate motorists. A halogen is similar to a conventional

incandescent bulb, there is also a spiral and a bulb.

Therefore, many people think that putting a LED is as simple as in a chandelier. And in a car, this is a whole optical system that has a focus. To get into focus, it is necessary to observe 3 coordinate axes and the dimensions of the light source.

I often hear the same story about diode lamps for a passing car. Everyone wants to get more light on the road, they are faced with this for the first time, they do not know how to make the right choice. The most difficult thing to choose is the LED H4 dipped beam, the design is 2 times more complicated than the usual H7 and H11. Having received automobile LED lamps, they first evaluate that it is well assembled and brightly illuminates.

Then install the diode in the car, shine on the road, wall or bushes. They will also look at the lights turned on from afar so that the bunnies appear. They see that it is better than halogen, the road has become better visible.

They do not understand that they increased visibility on the road due to the fact that other road users have deteriorated it. The head light of the car must be improved so that it meets the requirements of the regulations. Then he will not blind other drivers, and create an emergency.

After the purchase, you need to evaluate not the assembly and consider the bushes, but go to the service to adjust the angle of the headlights and check the cut-off line at the stand and dazzle the oncoming cars. Most buyers will pay a damn for this, figure it out, it’s normal, I’ll go this way.

I will give an example of a photo in which the store demonstrates what powerful and bright LED bulbs they have in comparison with halogen ones. Many fools will buy it, seeing how bright they are in the photo. And the fact that they blind everyone does not occur to them. Most want to put car bulbs cheaper and brighter, often I see such budget tuners. Their neighbor shines like a distant one, blinds unbearably. To know more, check out: best h11 LED bulb


Before choosing LED lamps for a car, you need to know the luminous flux of regular halogen ones. According to the catalogs Osram and Philips compiled a table of brightness of halogen. To improve illumination, the LED should have an amount of lumens no less than that of a halogen one. The most popular car lamps are H4 H7.

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