Baptisms at St Nicholas

Baptising children (sometimes called Christening) is one of the

most important things we do.


How Do I get My Child Baptised?


Baptism is freely available to every parishoner who requests it.  It's our job as the church to help prepare you and your family for baptism.


Firstly we ask you to come to a main Sunday morning service, stay for coffee and chat with the Rector or Baptism administrator.


Then we ask both parents to attend two 1 hour preparation sessions to look at the baptismal vows and consider the faith your child is to be baptised into.


2017 sessions are


March 3rd and 10th at 4pm

May 19th and 26th at 4pm

June 2nd and 9th at 4pm.

July 7th & 14th at 4pm


2018 to follow


All sessions take place in St Nicholas' Church.


To book your place please click here to email.


I Wasn't Baptised as a Child.  How do I put This Right?


If you are an adult who was not baptised as a child we'd be very happy to help you put this right.  If you follow the preparation schedule highlighted above we would be very happy to baptise you in one of two ways.  Either in a baptism service with your child, or during a Confirmation Service after completion of your confirmation preparation.


Emergency Baptism


Emergency baptism is available any time without preparation for both children and adults