Parish Fees

Please make all fees payable to 'Paul Hamilton's Church Fees Account' except where cash for various officers is requested. Thank you for your cooperation.

Weddings       Service £441
Verger £40.00

Organist £75.00 (cash in seperate envelope please)

Optional extras

Bells £100
Suggested donation towards church funds £200.00

Baptisms Baptisms are free for all, however we welcome a contribution
towards church funds.

Funeral with burial in church yard
(St Nicholas' and All Saints East Horndon. New grave or existing grave)

Service in St Nicholas' church £190.00
Burial in church yard £303.00
Organist £75.00 (Cash in seperate envelope please)
Verger £40.00 (Cash in seperate envelope please)

Optional Extras
Bells £100 (Cash in seperate envelope please)
Single bell as coffin enters church, £10 (Cash please)
Suggested donation towards church yard £200.00

Service at Crematorium or Cemetery

Service £190.00
Travel £20.00


Burial of ashes in garden of remembrance or existing grave,

Service £158.00
Digger £40.00 (cash please)

Burial of Ashes in Cemetery

Service £158.00
Travel, £20.00